Brief introduction

Founded in 2001, Jiangsu Zhongcheng printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech printing and dyeing enterprise with leading technology, large scale, advanced equipment and strong technical force in Qianqiao street, Huishan District, Wuxi City. The registered capital of the company is 50 million yuan, covering an area of 30000 square meters and a total construction area of 50000 square meters. It is located in Qianqiao Industrial Park, No. 568, Qianhu road. It mainly produces various kinds of domestic and foreign clothing fabrics such as cotton, polyester cotton, flannelette, Tencel, artificial cotton, brocade, cotton, brocade, corduroy, high count, high density, elastic fabric, such as bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc. with an annual production capacity of 90 million meters, it is a designated production base for more than 20 foreign trade companies in China to export fabrics. At present, we are actively promoting the listing of the main board.

The company deepens industrial innovation with quality as the core, strengthens foreign cooperation with openness as the guide, creates industrial cooperation chain with coordination as the foothold, promotes fashion development with culture as the support, perfects social responsibility with sustainability as the standard, builds a community of industrial destiny, and leads the new industrial pattern. The company is taking the perfect professional production system integrating design, R & D, testing, production and service, adhering to the tenet of "integrity, pragmatism, refinement and innovation" in the fierce market competition, and using high standards, strict requirements, process oriented and standardized management system to escort high-quality products and customers at home and abroad.

At present, the company has 29 utility model patents and 2 invention patents. In November 2017, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. The company has passed IS09000 quality management system certification, IS014000 environmental management system and BCI system certification, and also obtained Oeko tex European standard certification, OCS certificate and GRS certification audit.

Maintaining the Advancement of Products
98% - 99%
Authentic Rate
The company is far ahead of its peers in technology, equipment, quality and service. In terms of technology, the company has developed advanced printing and coating technology, with a genuine rate of 99%. Blue-light screen active automatic printing technology has 16 sets of magnetic rod printing technology with high difficulty and fine pattern, and the genuine rate is 98%. In terms of equipment, advanced printing and dyeing equipment is the core guarantee of quality, especially leading scouring and bleaching machines and printing machines are the core of the project. In terms of quality, the company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification and ISO14000 environmental management system certification. In terms of service, the company takes "efficiency achieves brand, honesty creates the future" as its business purpose, providing customers with all-round excellent service.
Maintaining Environmental Protection and Sewage Treatment Equipment
Advancement and high input
Eighty Million RMB
In 2013, Zhongcheng invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the construction of factory buildings and the treatment of environmental wastewater. It built 23,000 square meters of modern high-standard factory buildings. It invested more than 280 million yuan in the upgrading of sewage treatment equipment. It invested more than 80 million yuan in total, and occupied the leading position in the industry. At present, the company's sewage discharge has reached the COD200 standard, and in terms of environmental protection, it has reached the latest national standards.

corporate culture

Zhongcheng mission

Promoting Sino-Chengdu Printing and Dyeing Technology through the Promotion of Financialization and Branding Innovation and Development of Skills to Promote Chinese National Printing and Dyeing Internationalization progress, providing people and society with beauty and excellence The happier the quality of life.

Zhongcheng vision

Zhongcheng Seal, the world quality, has become the international leader of China's national printing and dyeing industry.

Zhongcheng tenet

Efficiency achieves brand integrity and forges the future.

Respect the vitality of art,
Pursue excellence and perfection.

Respecting and advocating the vitality and appeal of art,
Keep improving and strive for perfection

Zhongcheng spirit

Faithfulness and trustworthiness

Be loyal to customers, enterprises, strictly abide by the spirit of contract, people-oriented and honest development

Dare to innovate

Love the printing and dyeing industry, forge ahead, dare to struggle, dare to innovate, and climb the peak of the cause with continuous innovation

Result oriented

Customer First, Result Oriented, Integration of Knowledge and Practice, Excellent Behavior and Excellent Performance, Win Achievement and Respect

Carry out with drive and sweep

Make it imperative to do what you say, believe what you say, do more than say, keep pace with the times, strive for the day and night, and grasp every minute for the development of customers, enterprises and employees.

Zhongcheng Core Values


Concentric with customers, employees, shareholders and printing and dyeing art

Active, conscientious grasp of every opportunity, teamwork, overall collaboration, conscientious


Committed to creating a loving environment, committed to environmental protection, promote green printing and dyeing,

Harmonious Development with Customers, Employees, Society and Environment

Excellent quality

Pay attention to every detail, pursue the best quality, strive for excellence, respect and advocate the vitality and appeal of art, strive for perfection, carefully manufacture and produce every product

Chinese: No left, no right, no supreme position, is called "middle". The word "Zhong" implies that the enterprise abides by the quality, respects the customers, wins by the quality and constantly strives for self-improvement. Meanwhile, the word "Zhong" is synonymous with the word "loyalty", which implies that enterprises are loyal to customers, employees, shareholders, society and responsibility.

Sincerity: Words must be believed, beliefs must be done, deeds must be done, and hearts must be done, which is called "sincerity". It implies the excellent character of honesty and pragmatism, trustworthiness and fruitfulness.

Zhongcheng: The two words coincide, which reflects Zhongcheng printing and dyeing's loyalty to their duties, the business purpose of "efficiency achieves brand, honesty forges the future". It also implies that Zhongcheng printing and dyeing is rooted in their own country, takes national printing and dyeing as their responsibility, and constantly promotes self-reform. Through continuous innovation and development, Zhongcheng printing and dyeing will gradually move towards a better international vision.

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